JULY Free Full Moon Healing Meditation

July 16, 2019 @ 6pm (Sydney time)

Blessings everyone,

During the full moon you are shown clearly what you need to change or shift in your reality to manifest what will serve your highest potential. The full moon illuminates the shadow consciousness within you. It brings light to the dark. Look at what it reflects to you. Then bring harmony to all that is being reflected to you at this time. Ishtar's full moon healing meditations help you to do this and bring about transformation in your life.

During this ceremony we call upon the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms to support and assist you through the energy that you will encounter over this full moon time. 

Astrologer Christine Rothwell explains 

"This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse falls close to 24 degrees of Capricorn and is conjunct both Pluto and Saturn as well as squaring Eris, highlighting the Pluto Saturn conjunction that will also occur in January 2020, challenging us to take responsibility [Saturn and Capricorn] for our fears and shadow self [Pluto]. 
Pluto will be at the mid-point of His retrograde phase a few days before the eclipse [when it opposes the Sun] highlighting our shadow self and fear-based patterns around power, control, trust and betrayal. Through the illumination of these patterns, we have the opportunity to gain more insight and awareness so we can work at letting them go. Potentially this eclipse calls us to re-claim our personal authority and experience empowerment that is not at the expense of others.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional and internal than solar eclipses. They stir up whatever is simmering in our subconscious and invite us to reflect and see things from a more objective [solar] perspective. Sometimes this may lead to the desire to act, but more often they are potent times for insight and illumination. Any full moon /lunar eclipse is essentially about working with polarized feeling states and seeing how we can find a more centred space where we can be this and that, not just this or that.
The Cancer / Capricorn polarity always invites us to reflect on the balance between our public and private lives, career and family as well as achievement and nurturing.  Life may have become all work and no play, leading us to feel overburdened with our responsibilities and therefore in danger of sinking into a depressed mood which allows the inner critic to take over. If life feels too hard, try to take some time out around the full moon to reflect on how you can experience more balance in your life, especially quality time with loved ones."

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Open to channel

Self-Mastery Program

are you ready to take your life to a whole new level in 2019?

Are you wishing to open to receive the guidance and support of your sacred spirit ~ your Divine Self?

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An advanced course for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual connection and learn to open their divine channel to discover the many gifts and wisdom they hold within.

Guided week by week through a 12 month program of channels, teachings, activations and meditations from the Ascended Masters and Ineasa Mabu Ishtar, facilitated by Rai’shael in Umina Beach and Colin Stein in Sydney plus via skype (long distance) this course will offer you the opportunity to


* Come into a deep connection with your spirit

* Expand your frequency

* Find an inner peace and calm within that you have never known

* Open your channel stream to your Divine Self

* Discover the unique gifts that you hold

* Receive guidance and support from your Sacred spirit

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* Be guided and supported by the Masters, your guides and your Mentor ~ as we together we walk this path of discovery, connection and expansion.

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Self-Mastery Program

You are a shining star that is connected to the whole, yet you hold individual keys within that are waiting to unfold and manifest on the Earth.

Choose to Become All that You Are….

Would you like to enhance and grow your spiritual connection and receive new energy and insights into your soul? Would you like to do it through a regular group meeting each week where you are supported and assisted to grow and be all that you are?

If you answered yes to these questions then consider choosing The Master’s Way. It is a self-mastery program that teaches you how to master your life and become self empowered through the knowledge, wisdom and mystery of the Universe. It teaches you about who you are and how to connect with the light and knowledge of your soul.

This self-mastery program is taught over three levels and activates the Threefold Flame with your consciousness. This first level is the Path of Light, which shows you how to work with the energy of the Universe and focus this energy to manifest and create the life your soul wishes to live.  

During this course you learn how to work with the chakras, the energetic bodies, Karma, Universal Laws, light rays of energy, the soul, the light body and much more.

How will it improve your life?

·      Offer you the support of a regular group

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·      Learn how energy flows and how you can create with it and much more

·      Open your unique gifts

·      Find techniques to release fear and limitations

·      Resolve parts of you that hold beliefs and patterns that do not serve you

·      Improve your relationship with others

·      Come into your mastery of self

 The Masters’ Way is filled with channelled wisdom teachings and energy attunements from the Ascended Masters and comes with a 332-page manual and audio recordings. To find out more visit: http://www.ishtarmasterchannel.com/the-masters-way/

For more information on when the next class begins contact Ashram of the One Heart on 43 41 2003.